Shinga life

If you have ever been to Thailand or anywhere in Asia you probably have came across somebody wearing a Shinga beer tank top. Or if your like me enviously leafed through your friends summer pics of paradise on Facebook and seen someone wearing one. Now the iconic beer brand Shinga have brought out a fashion line for men and women since 2008.

It’s called Shinga Life and combines that Asian feel with a contemporary look that wouldn’t look out of place in London, New York or Milan. It’s an amalgamation of a preppy British look with American street style and sticking with colours true to Asia with oranges and greens thrown in whatever the season. The familiar lion logo is used on shirts and sometimes as an allover pattern which I absolutely love. The womens collection has a very androgynous look about it which I think is amazing and puts it more in line with ladies fashion of America and Europe rather than that of the Asian or Japanese markets.

I’ve only recently came across this collection on line so I havn’t found out about the quality of the products or when it will hit the European markets but I will be keeping an eye out for it. I feel Shinga Life it could really take of over here especially since the high street has taken to regurgitating major logos such as Coke-a-Cola, Disney characters etc. on to a wide range of their products. Therefore I feel with the passion that Shinga seem to be putting into their clothes line it could only do well around the globe.

Click here to check out more of their collections, enjoy.


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