Does anybody else want monk-straps?

30 Sep
Ok so does anybody else have a slight shoe obsession? Well I for one do however I seem to always lust after a pair that are just out of my price range. Anything over a weeks wages is just not agreeable with me to fork out for footwear, no matter how gorgeous they would go with all my wardrobe. But sometimes you come across a shoe that makes you feel like it’s an exception to the rule. This in my case happens to be the most elegant of all mens formal shoes, double monk-straps. These shoes have a strap that closes with a buckle and comes in a single or double strap variety. They’re more formal than a loafer but a little bit jazzier than an oxford lace-up.

Yes from the moment I came across these on Tumblr, I’ve imagined them with every outfit I put on. So I have kept an eye on for something that fits the bill at a decent price. But to no avail have I even stumbled upon anything that has style,finesse and quality for under €500. This has been driving me crazy because when it comes to clothes I can always find something that I desire and is bespoke and crafted with care within my means. So I was at my wit’s end when it came to acquiring a pair of double monk-straps at a reasonable price.

Then I found a website called, it has affordable Italian leather monk-straps. Yes Genuine leather in black,tarnished tan and cognac all for $159,shipped worldwide. So I’ve read a lot of the comments on the site and the majority of them were really positive about the fit,look and overall elegance of Mercanti Fiorentini’s double monk-straps. So I will definitely will be purchasing these shoes and if they look as good on my feet as they seem on the web,I’ll be chuffed with a great find. So I’ll post a picture whenever I get around to buying these beauties, but If anyone has bought these before or used I would love to hear from you.


Mercanti Fiorentini Double monk-straps.



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