27 Sep

So over the past few seasons we have seen men’s fashion take a lot of inspiration from woman’s clothing. From knee high boots to jumpsuits,depending on where your from and how adventurous you are. Blurring the lines between gender in fashion doesn’t bemuse or offend me in anyway. Even if I don’t agree with all of it or want to run out and buy myself a pair of “mantyhoses”, I get most of it and see the merit in it. The crossing over between men’s and women’s fashion has happened for a long time particularly the other way around. Woody Allen’s Annie Hall in the 1970’s announced Dianne Keaton to the world as a style icon. She wore waistcoats,ties,bowler hats and slacks. This inspired women to take control of their individuality and femininity by challenging the norm and experimenting with loose fitting suits inspired by trend setters such as Audrey Hepburn.



This was highlighted in the mainstream fashion world with Yves Saint Lauren’s Le Smoking jacket bringing the pantsuit to modern society. This has filtered through to the high street with Gap’s boyfriend blazer and khakis and Abercromie & Finch clothing range aimed at men and women. This androgynous style looks great with women in three piece suits and their hair slicked back and even Kanye West has performed on stage recently wearing a woman’s blouse from the Celine range. So this look can transcend all barriers to many different people but I personally feel that this explosion of man cleavage is a step to far.



I usually don’t hate on anybody for their style choices because everybody has their individuality or reasons for being sartorial savvy or not. However and I know that plenty of guys put sweat and long hours in the gym for a great chest but their is no need to have it on display. A t-shirt that is cut down towards your belly button should be a no go area. X-Factor stylists seem to be keen on this fad and the general public have taken to it with aplomb especially with the likes of Jersey Shore lending even more inspiration. So whether you have a great chest or not why not accentuate it in a fitted shirt or a crew neck tee and throw a blazer on,trust me it’s tried and tested and that’s not always a bad thing.




One Response to “Androgyny”

  1. Jeni Johnson September 29, 2012 at 09:45 #

    and vice versa, that Andrj male model who models womans clothing….WOW. Im jealous in a weird way.

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