Fishing lures?

24 Sep

So as the evenings are starting to shorten and the days become colder, we know Autumn has arrived. This is a lovely season as everything starts to wind down and get ready for the winter ahead. Gorgeous amber light basking us on long relaxing strolls through the countryside. This is also when we change our wardrobes from shorts and linen jackets to heavier chinos and tweeds. So whether your investing in a new tweed blazer or dusting down your trusty vintage, why not think about accessorising your tweed this season to give yourself a little bit of an edge this autumn and winter. So why not go beyond the original pocket square and pop a fishing fly on your lapel and watch it catch fashionistas and bewildered fishermen alike. You can get a variety of fishing lures from any tackle shop ranging from spinning lures to fishing flies. They come in multifarious colours and sizes and will make a loud statement on whichever jacket you decide to pop it on. Here’s some examples on autumn/winter accessorising.


Ted Baker A/W 2012

Farah Vintage Horatio Coat.

available at Salingers Cork.


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