Setting Trends

16 Aug

If you have seen my blog before you’ll know that two of my my main interests are fashion and film. So paying attention to these over the years I have noticed that the big blockbusters and main movie stars set the trends for the following seasons. This has been happening sub-consciously to the mass public for decades, I’m sure your grandfather was “unintentionally” modeling himself on Humphrey Bogart at some point in his youth. Your Dad our older relations most definitely sported a bomber jacket and aviators in the 80’s thinking he was straight out of Top Gun. As you can see the silver screen has a direct influence on fashion trends and what I hope to do in this space is comment on some big hits of the year and try and identify some of the trends which will be taken up by the fashion industry.

Click here for a link for further reading about fashion trends from The Great Gatsby.



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